Gannon’s Isle Ice Cream is known for inventive and creative flavors. This page contains description of flavors produced by Gannon’s Isle and the frequency at which they are made. Ice cream frequencies are categorized as:

  • Always
  • Frequently
  • Occasionally
  • Rarely
  • Seasonally
  • Retired

Retired flavors are those which we do not currently make because we can no longer purchase the ingredients or because there is no longer demand for it.

Vanilla Based Flavors

Cheesecake Based Flavors

Chocolate Based Flavors

Coffee Based Flavors

Fruit Based Flavors

Mint Based Flavors

Peanut Butter Based Flavors

Miscellaneous Based Flavors


Custards, Sherbets and Sorbets

Soft Ice Cream

Dole Whip Flavors